Next PRE ORDER for Albums: ANYTIME

As albums are coming up so fast, I don't have the time to update all the time. So just send me an email and I will quote you back with the price. :)

PRE ORDER for Merchandises ends: Last day of every Month

1) Email: yourkpopaddiction@gmail.com (reply within 2hrs or more)

2) TWITTER (reply within 1hr or less) FOLLOW MEEEEEE PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!! :D :D :D

Terms n Conditions

1. No dead buyers please! It’s not that difficult to say ‘I think I’ll pass.’
2. Items are non-refundable nor exchangable.
3. All fixed price as items are already at its lowest.
4. We are not responsible for any lost mails.
5. Items will take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Unless its a festive season in Korea, It may take longer. BE PREPARED TO WAIT FOR YOUR ITEMS
5. No payment* = No order. Please do not ask us to pay on your behalf. If we do not receive any payment, we will not send out any orders. 
6. If supplier scam, i am not responsible.
7. Enjoy your shopping! ^^
8. Oh! I do take in international orders. :D 

 *I do not scam people, I will reply emails and questions. I hope you wouldn't scam me too. Just inform me if you want to cancel order before closing date.* Thanks! :D 

I DO have paypal. email address to never_like_you_at_all@hotmail.com 
Or you can choose Western Union. Which ever you prefer. :DD

Shipping price will be according to the weight of your purchase. To be fair to all customers. 

1st payment= Item price
-After item has reach me, it will be weighed-

2nd payment= Item shipping price